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Looking for the right packaging for your marketing and products?

We manufacture customized
envelopes, shopping bags
and tubulars

Our products are entirely tailor-made:
type of material, thickness, size, color and graphic.
Designed to meet all your needs.



Discover our range of products for professional packaging,
and personalize your shipments or your customers’ purchases.

Unlike many companies that deal exclusively with the resale
of bags and packaging, we are manufacturers and we put our experience and know-how at your disposal
to design your exclusive products.

The right protection for all your products,
from food to shipping pallets.

Sacks, bags
and caps/covers

Recyclable plastic bag for personalized food packaging "Consorzio Ori della Valle d' Aosta" - PG Plast

Bags for the packaging of goods or foodstuffs, covers for the outer covering of goods and boxes.

Cheap and ecological bags
and envelopes

Bags and envelopes
Made Green in Italy

"Made Green in Italy" certified bags - PG Plast

We are the first in Italy to obtain Made Green in Italy certification for our reusable shipping/return bags and envelopes.

Beautiful, solid, durable,
our bags are tailor-made


Shopping bag prodotti in plastica e carta, vari modelli personalizzati - PG Plast

Bags that can be reused several times and printed with your logo: a true traveling showcase.

Bags and envelopes resistant like a traditional bag, but 100% biodegradable and compostable

Biodegradable and
compostable bags

Borsa biodegradabile e compostabile personalizzata "Gallo Gastronomia & Enoteca" - PG Plast

Ideal for all businesses with high customer turnover and bag consumption

A mailbag is strong, waterproof, flexible, economical and environmentally friendly.

Courier and
eCommerce bags

Buste per la spedizione con corriere personalizzate - PG Plast

Ship quickly and easily with your logo and making it easy for the customer to return a non-desired object.

The right envelope to guarantee the contents of your shipments


Busta di estrema sicurezza per la spedizione di campioni e valori, esempio con ticket restaurant - PG Plast

Safely ship your valuables, confidential documents, laboratory samples.

Make it easier to identify, ship, sort and deliver your parcels

Self-adhesive packing list envelopes

Busta portadocumenti adesiva per spedizioni - PG Plast

The envelopes are self-adhesive and easy to apply to any packaging and any type of material.

Simple or tubular plastic films for the packaging and protection of goods

Tubular and foil
for packaging

Film plastico per il confezionamento di prodotti - PG Plast

Very resistant and customizable, they are suitable for various applications in different production areas

PG Plast

Unique solutions for unique products

100% Riciclata e riciclabile

Our products can be made with 100% regenerated plastic,
they can be reused for a long time and 100% recycled again.

100% Riciclata e riciclabile

Here is the solution!

The need for professional packaging
does not always have simple or standard solutions.

Contact our technical office,
we will find the best solution together.

For quality and professionalism

Chosen by customers

… Thanks for trusting us!

First in Italy!

Economical and ecological
bags and pouches

Logo della Certificazione Made Green in Italy rilasciato dal Ministero della Transizione Ecologica

A wide range of versatile reusable bags
and shipping / return bags with handles


packaging: noun [from pack].
1. Action to pack, to put in the package: carry out the wrapping of the correspondence in an envelope, of the magazines to be sent.
2. With reference to packaging operations, it is also used in the language of freight forwarders.
Synonyms. wrap

In almost 50 years of activity,
we have been manufacturing any kind of professional packaging to our customers

100% PG Plast, dettaglio vetrofania

of our products

Riunione di ricerca e sviluppo in PG Plast

Technological research
and development

Processo di estrusione pellicole plastiche - PG Plast

Materials used
in production

Our products are the result
of constant research and technological development, of the quality of our production materials,
of the production techniques used and finally of the certifications that accompany them.